We are a 3rd generation family business, founded in 1982 and based in Palaio Faliro. We will be there for you in order to support and guide you and your family, regarding the organisation of not only the ceremony process, but also the bureucratic procedures that follow. Our goal is to relieve you as much as possible from both the psychological pressure and the stress following a loss. Our services have been characterised as decent and reliable by families which have trusted us to prepair the fairewell of their beloved one. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any information or clarification.We are by your side to support and guide you and your family in the process of organizing the ceremony, and also for the subsequent bureaucratic procedures, in order to relieve you, as much as we can, from the psychological pressure and stress. For further information or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us. With respect Pinelopi Poimenidi
With respect,


Having gained years of experience in this area of expertise, we assume responsibility for both organising ceremonies/memorials all over Greece and for sending the body of the deceased anywhere worldwide. The funeral is arranged according to your religious beliefs, sensational preferences and financial capacity. We ensure that our services as a whole are of the highest quality, professionalism and punctuality. Our goal is to correctly execute every last detail, so we are always present during each ceremony in order to support and guide you and your guests.


Instead of wreaths there is the choice of supporting whichever Cause you wish. After contacting the desired Foundation, either a representative comes for donations on the site of the ceremony or we receive a ballot box where donations are collected and after the ceremony the Office will give it to the family.


Your communication with us is followed by a meeting between you and us, so as for you to provide you all the necessary information, in order to decide the pattern of the ceremony (place, day, hour etc.). We are always present at the time of the ceremony, for guidance and support of both you and the other attendants. We offer to you the book of condolences and provide thanking cards on behalf of the family for everyone who signs the condolences book. This in turn saves you the trouble of this process later. Moreover, we give away roses, disposable gloves for sanitation reasons and aromatic hygienic wipes for the custom of throwing flowers and soil during the burial.


ENZISALM is a powder biological specimen with a biodegrading function, that has been studied specifically to activate or restore the mineralization processes. Thanks to its composition including micro organisms with a wide action spectrum together with elements with feeding function, it is able, when in some specific conditions such phenomena are slowed or stopped, to restore the decomposition skeleton forming processes, promoting, addressing and controlling the metabolizing process of the organic material. It favours and speeds up the decay of the toxins that have developed by the corpse decomposition. Micro organisms are bio-fixed on mineral supports able to capture and absorb the bad smelling gases. The presence of trace elements inside the cavities of the micro supports favours the growth and the activity of micro organisms.


Memorials most commonly take place 9 days, 40 days, a year, and three years following the death date and every other time the family wishes. We assume responsibility for preparing and executing memorials in parishes, in churches near cemeteries or besides the grave. Our cooperation with the best professionals in the domain of memorial services, such as the koliva platters and the packages of edible products, ensures not only the highest quality, but also offers a wide variety of relevant options.


After the funeral many bureaucratic processes have to be arranged i.e. settlement of the insurance fund, collection of the  funeral expenses, termination  of the pension or  other Organizations. In an effort to be by your side in the best possible way, we can give you all the relevant information in order to take care of these issues easily, or we can carry out all these bureaucratic processes, simply by an official authorization by one of the deceased’s closest relatives.


Repatriation is the transportation of the remains of a foreign citizen or native to his homeland and the reception of the remains of a Greek citizen, who has deceased abroad. Such cases require special attention because of the many bureaucratic procedures which vary depending on the legislation of each country.


Sending flowers is another way of showing your sympathy. The beauty and the warmth of flowers will be remembered by everyone. In every case, funeral, memorial service of a visit at the cemetary, the members of  your  family, close relatives and friends can place an order to our office. With just one phone call, you will not have to worry about finding a good flower shop, time of delivery etc. We will take care of all the details so that the flowers will reach the specified destination fresh and on time. We are in cooperation with the best flower shops in the area, and we can guarantee your total satisfaction- nothing less.


Just before the end of the 3-year  time limit we assume the responsibility to arrange the exhumation and settlement of the bones in the suggested placer e.g. public or private ossuary. There is also the possibility of the removal of the bones outside the cemetery premises. In any case a close relative or an authorized person should contact our office.


The first Cremation Center (KAN) now operates in Greece. It is located at the 75th km of the Athens-Lamia National Road in the Ritsona area. It has state-of-the-art equipment and an automated electronic system for monitoring the cremation process by specially trained personnel. KAN operates in accordance with applicable European and national environmental legislation and international standards.
The facilities of the Center include:
• Ceremony room
• Outdoor spaces to host ceremonies during the summer months
• Refrigerator
• Relatives waiting room
• Shelter – Remembrance Area
• Showroom for disposing of ashes and earrings
• Parking spaces
The cremation of the dead – a practice that has been in place in Europe for decades – is now a reality in Greece by satisfying the demand of a significant number of our fellow citizens and relieving the emotional and financial burden on relatives of the deceased.
cremation Services:
• Cremation of the body
• Bone Cremation
• Urns


Death may cause an overflowing of various feelings such as shock, depression, anger, guilt, and distrust. Overcoming the grief is a difficult process, during which  every  person copes differently, while there is no specific time-plan. Your life has suddenly changed, and the process of overcoming this grief in your own way and pace is important in keeping your body, mind  and spirit in good health.  For these reasons, we have decided to cooperate with a number of specialized phychologists to give you the best possible support.


Some people prefer to let others care for their funeral after they are gone, while others prefer to leave specific instructions with their desires about all the necessary processes.  Our long experience in the area has taught us that the pre-planned funerals, provide comfort to the family of the deceased, since they know that the desires of the deceased are definitely met.

In our office, we all respect your personal desires and requests. You can contact us and ask about the  ‘’funeral pre-planning services’ and we will ask you to write down all the information and instructions on the special form .Be sure, all the information you provide will  be processed with confidence and discretion. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.