Having years of experience, we undertake the organization of ceremonies throughout Greece and repatriation missions worldwide. The funeral is organized in a manner reflecting your religious beliefs, aesthetic preferences and your financial capabilities. We ensure that the overall outcome that we will provide to you, to be characterized by dignity, professionalism and consistency. Our goal is to perfectly perform even the last detail, for this reason we are always present during the ceremony, both for your and your bystander’s support and guidance.


It is customary for the memorials to take place after 9 days 40 days, annual and triennial. We organize memorials in parishes, churches of cemeteries or thrice Holy next to the tomb. Our cooperation with the best professionals in the field of manufacturing edible goods such as wheat disks and traditional sweet cakes, assures you quality, in addition the customer can choose through a wide range of choices.


The Presidential Ordinance of 31/05/2010 allows the incineration in Greece. However, there are not the appropriate facilities yet, as the responsible departments are in the process of finding suitable space for the construction of crematorium. Our office has taken all the necessary actions to guarantee this process abroad, safely and consistently, due to the longstanding experience we have with our collaboration with the Sofia Crematorium.


Instead of wreaths there is the choise of supporting whichever Cause you wish.
Contacting the Foundation either a representative comes for donations on the site of the ceremony or we receive a ballot box where donations are collected and after the ceremony we give to the family.


Repatriation is the mission of the remains of an alien or native to his homeland and correspondingly, the reception of the remains of a Greek citizen who has deceased abroad. Such cases require special attention because of the many bureaucratic procedures which vary depending on the legislation of each country.


In our effort to stand by you in the best possible way, we either inform you about the procedures you need to follow or undertake the processing of all necessary bureaucratic steps, with an authorization from the next of kin. After the ceremony some bureaucratic processes follow, such as processing insurance funds, discontinuation of a pension recover funeral expenses, the interruption with tax authorities, public utilities etc.


In “Funeral Office Pimenidi” we believe that it is important to realize your personal wishes. For this reason we provide you the Pre-Planning Ceremony Service, through this service you can you can record all relevant information in the printed form that we have prepared for you, to ensure that your preferences will be followed & closely observed. Certainly, our office will preserve your information securely and confidentially. For further information please contact us.


When the end of the three-year period after the burial approaches, we undertake the process of exhumation and placing of the bones in the place that you will indicate to us for example ossuary owned or municipal. Furthermore, bone portability outside the cemetery is provided. For any of the two cases a First-degree relative or a third party one authorized with his identity, should contact our office.


You will probably feel a variety of emotions when you lose someone you love. The ability to make it through the death of a loved one can be challenging. You may have feelings of shock and disbelief, anger, guilt and depression. The period of recovery is different for every person. There is no timetable for grief, so don’t compare yourself with others who have lost loved ones. Your life has changed and healing in your own way is important for the health of your mind, body and spirit. For this reason we have arranged for you and have been in consultation with a network of psychologists that can cater you.


Losing a pet is never easy, the variety of emotions and questions that accompany the loss do not help the situation at all. Understanding this and wanting to get you out of the predicament, we have found the appropriate services that are offered through collaborating pet cemeteries and are individually tailored to those who want to bid farewell to their pets.


Flowers are another way to express actively that you care. The warmth and beauty of the flowers will remain in everybody’s memory. Nearby relatives, family members and friends can order flowers dedicated to your loved ones for a funeral, a visit to the cemetery or a memorial.
With one phone call, you no longer have to worry about finding the right florist for flowers and delivery time.
We will manage all the details and ensure that your shipment will arrive fresh and on time.
We have selected to cooperate with the best flower shops in the region to fulfill your order. Our partners and we, guarantee your ultimate satisfaction – anything less does not represent us.


How would you feel if there is something tangible to wear that reminds you of a loved one? The Funeral Office Pimenidis gives you the option to create an original jewel with the imprint of your beloved ones. The jewelry imprint, is a souvenir that keeps alive the memory of the person who is gone away from us, with a truly unique and powerful way, with a finger print that you can touch and is preserved in precious metal.


ENZISALM is a powder biological specimen with a BIODEGRADING function that has been studied specifically to activate or restore the mineralization processes. Thanks to its composition including micro-organisms with a wide action spectrum together with elements with feeding function, it is able, when in some specific conditions such phenomena are slowed or stopped, to restore the decomposition skeleton forming processes, promoting, addressing and controlling the metabolizing process of the organic material. It favors and speeds up the decay of the toxins that have developed by the corpse decomposition. Micro-organisms are bio-fixed on mineral supports able to capture and absorb the bad smelling gases. The presence of trace elements inside the cavities of the micro supports favors the growth and the activity of micro-organisms.